The wall mount types of gas detector go on the market already. Intrinsically safe and IP65 enclosure design for casing, sensor housing and buzzer housing. Standard type offers precision current loop 4~20 mA or optional relay output. There are excellent in compact size (193 mm x 91 mm x 40 mm) and lightweight (700 grams) also...


GT300-AQ/VOC is suitable to apply for various applications such as odor detecting, smoke detecting, LPG/LNG leakage detecting, VOCs emission detecting, THC detecting, kiss index, environmental index, air-conditioner management, performance test of air cleaner, particular gases. GT300-AQ/VOC makes the detecting easily and fun.

After our long-term research and testing, the most advanced portable multi-gas detector (GT200-3G/2G) starts going on the market in November 2001. The GT200-3G / 2G portable multi-gas detector is suitable to detect carbon monoxide, methane and oxygen, which is ideal for various application. As the award-wining features and design, the multi-gas detector gets quite good response from users. Thus we receive many booking orders from seller and users also.
It is estimated that Gastech will get the biggest share in Taiwan market, which includes portable detector or analyzer of carbon monoxide, methane, oxygen, before the end of 2002, due to the competitive price, quality, accuracy, lifetime, and excellent market position of GT200-3G/2G. It is also estimated that Gastech will significantly improve its share in worldwide market. The resellers that are well experienced in selling instrument or fire-fighting equipments are welcomed to be our agencies.

Part of GT300-AQ/VOC functions

Part of GT200-3G functions

Part of GT200-2G functions

Durability, Economy and Minimal environmental impact
The Gastech's gas detector adopts advanced semiconductor sensor. The principle of sensor is different from electrochemical sensor that create many advantages.
(1) Durability - The lifetime of sensor is over 3 years without replacement.
(2) Economy - The end-price is about 1/3 of traditional detector.
(3) Minimal environmental impact - The used sensor of detector can recovery the noble metal same as normal semiconductor parts that is minimal environmental impact in the world.

GT200-3G oxygen detector be able to sustained three years during this period don't replace the sensor.
Almost oxygen detectors adopt electrochemical sensor that will be oxidized gradually. Thus the lifetime of electrochemical sensor is around 6 months needing frequent replacement. The Gastech GT200-3G portable multi-gas detector adopts advanced semiconductor sensor. The principle of sensor is different from electrochemical sensor. The lifetime of semiconductor sensor is over 3 years without replacement. Thus it's cost effective to customers. If user replaces the sensor of detector five times within three years, it will cost about five hundred dollars those near by two GT200-3G multi-gas detectors.

Prevent the risks in working and living
We do activity routine with a day that might use fireplace and water heater, cooking, drive a car, use natural gas, work in the sewer, and stay in the basement or parking lot. Some risks follow these activities that are oxygen-deficient, carbon monoxide poisoning, explosive of methane, leakage of natural gas and fire. Gastech GT200-3G/2G portable multi-gas gas detector can assist you in preventing the risk in working and living. It adopts advanced semiconductor sensor, which is able to detect carbon monoxide, methane, and oxygen, and is sustainable over 3 years. Besides, it is compact and light with the best resolution that can reach 1ppm (carbon monoxide and methane) or 0.1 vol% (oxygen). Furthermore, it has a humanized system design, such as alphanumeric LCD, event record, and battery management, etc. GT200-3G/2G portable multi-gas gas detector is suitable to directly measure the concentration of carbon monoxide, methane, and oxygen. Whatever you use it for personal protection, household protection, or professional gas analysis, it is always the most excellent instrument.

GASTECH is a professional manufacturer in various gas detectors, carbon monoxide detector, carbon dioxide detector, methane detector, oxygen detector, odor detector, VOC detector, hydrogen sulfide detector and various gas analyzer, carbon monoxide analyzer, carbon dioxide analyzer, methane analyzer, oxygen analyzer, odor analyzer, VOC analyzer, hydrogen sulfide analyzer also. The combustible gases detector of model GTF200-FL is suitable to detect Methane, Propane, Butane, Iso-Butane, n-Pentane, n-Hexane, n-Heptane, Iso-Octane, Methanol, Ethanol, Iso-Propanol, Acetone, Toluene, Ethyl Acetate, Hydrogen, Cyclohexane, Acetylene, Ethylene etc. It could be as a Methane Detector, Propane Detector, Butane Detector, Iso-Butane Detector, n-Pentane Detector, n-Hexane Detector, n-Heptane Detector, Iso-Octane Detector, Methanol Detector, Ethanol Detector, Iso-Propanol Detector, Acetone Detector, Toluene Detector, Ethyl Acetate Detector, Hydrogen Detector, Cyclohexane Detector, Acetylene Detector, Ethylene Detector etc. GT200-3G, GT200-2G, GT220, GT300-AQ, GT300-VOC, GTF200-OX, GTF200-CO, GTF200-FL, GTF220, GTF300-AQ, GTF300-VOC and Portadetector are our  product and brand name.  Welcome tour our website