We welcome have selling instrument, gas detector / analyzer and fire equipment etc. experience to be our agency, now. Join us you will create more profit from sales. 
Frankly speaking, there are traditional detector (only alarm) and traditional analyzer (expensive) in the present market. The traditional detector (only alarm) is very cheaper. In the other hand, the traditional analyzer have numeric indicators of concentration, audible alarm and / or warning lights, high accuracy, it is very expensive.
GT200-3G/2G is not only has audible alarm but also provide advance function such as alphanumeric indicator of concentration, alarm message and event record etc. In addition, it is a bargain. A rough reference, our end-price are GT200-3G about US$ 350 / PCs and GT200-2G about US$ 170 / PCs in the USA market, the price comes between traditional detector and traditional analyzer. Under this strategy and market position, our gas detector is the best choice for users who need more information of gas concentration but don't have too much budget.
GASTECH is the most competitive gas detector / analyzer manufacturer in the world and create the more add-value for reseller / user. It is our pleasure to be your supplier and look forward to cooperate with you. Agent terms would be as following. 
1.Minimum order: 50 PCS or Total Amount US$ 1,000 (Sample service is not subject to restriction.)
2.Payment: L/C or T/T in advance 
3.Unit price: Ex. Factory US$


Target Gases Quantity (PCs)

50 ~ 100


CO, CH4 158



CO, CH4, O2 317



Carbon Dioxide




Air Quality, H2 N/A



VOCs, THC 317


(The price maybe changed without notice)

GASTECH is a professional manufacturer in various gas detectors, carbon monoxide detector, carbon dioxide detector, methane detector, oxygen detector, odor detector, VOC detector, hydrogen sulfide detector and various gas analyzer, carbon monoxide analyzer, carbon dioxide analyzer, methane analyzer, oxygen analyzer, odor analyzer, VOC analyzer, hydrogen sulfide analyzer also. The combustible gases detector of model GTF200-FL is suitable to detect Methane, Propane, Butane, Iso-Butane, n-Pentane, n-Hexane, n-Heptane, Iso-Octane, Methanol, Ethanol, Iso-Propanol, Acetone, Toluene, Ethyl Acetate, Hydrogen, Cyclohexane, Acetylene, Ethylene etc. It could be as a Methane Detector, Propane Detector, Butane Detector, Iso-Butane Detector, n-Pentane Detector, n-Hexane Detector, n-Heptane Detector, Iso-Octane Detector, Methanol Detector, Ethanol Detector, Iso-Propanol Detector, Acetone Detector, Toluene Detector, Ethyl Acetate Detector, Hydrogen Detector, Cyclohexane Detector, Acetylene Detector, Ethylene Detector etc. GT200-3G, GT200-2G, GT220, GT300-AQ, GT300-VOC, GTF200-OX, GTF200-CO, GTF200-FL, GTF220, GTF300-AQ, GTF300-VOC and Portadetector are our  product and brand name.  Welcome tour our website